My views

on Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

“Assure liberty by keeping government as far away as possible from the balance books, the bedrooms, and the bodies of those you represent. Nurture liberal democracy and free markets on this earth by example, understanding that neither can be planted by armed force on political ground lacking indigenous human cultivators for growth. Affirm the moral authority of the unalienable rights we guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence by fashioning public policy for individuals, not tribal factions”

– Terry Michael

on Politics

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies.”

– Groucho Marx

on Statists

 “is someone who learns nothing from human nature, economics, or experience, and repeats the same mistakes over and over again without a care for the rights and lives of people he crushes with his good intentions.”  

                                      Lawrence W. Reed

“the unscrupulous and uninhibited are likely to be more successful” in any society in which government is seen as the answer to most problems. They are precisely the kind of people who elevate power over persuasion, force over cooperation. Government, possessing by definition a legal and political monopoly of the use of force, attracts them just as surely as dung draws flies. Ultimately, it is the apparatus of government that allows them to wreak their havoc on the rest of us.”

– F.A. Hayek “Why the Worst Get on Top,” chapter ten, The Road to Serfdom.

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