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Why have we let the Eyore and Henny-Penny liberals hijack liberalism?

Why have we let the  Eyore-liberals, the Gloom and Doom liberals hijack liberalism?  They are angry at everything that dares to breathe optimism, enlightenment and enjoyment of life. They cannot see the progress in individual freedom and the rise in  prosperity the world has gone through, in their utopianism they can only imagine a perfect world so they only concentrate on the wrongs remaining instead of looking at the actual progress, big picture. Their world view could also be called Henny-Penny liberalism, some small thing is wrong somewhere in the world and hence the sky is falling down, the world as we now it is going to end. Everything is going hell and only a bigger and stronger government with unlimited power can fix it.

A Swedish classic liberal wrote and I could not have written it better as regards to former communists and socialist now becoming Eyore-liberals, statists:

”The result of this new version of liberalism that puts materialism, economic equality as its primate is not that liberty and freedom is preserved instead a government bureaucrat will in each individual case measure your freedom to see if you are entitled to it or, if they must restrict it to meet other objectives. This new liberalism is paternalism; patronizing and technocratic. Its representatives,  who in their pompous “pragmatism” believe themselves to be above the Rule of Law and ethical principles,  are cut and dried, well drilled and believe themselves to be more intelligent and more well  informed, as to be able to dictate how others should live their lives in all areas, big or small.

If socialism is like being beaten by the high school bully, this new liberalism is getting dressed down by the class disciplinarian, Dudley Do-right. It’s physically less damaging, but no less damaging to your self-esteem.” [ My translation of  part of Mattias Svensson’s text “Ior-liberalernas utmaning” (The Challenge of the Eyore-liberals.)

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